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Hacking Simplified - For Those Who Want to Learn Things From the Scratch

Join Us and make a Difference
quite probable that you have received spam offering a hotmail hacking
guide that will give you the basics on how to become a hacker. Although
it sounds tempting to have the power to know the private life of other
persons, most of these guides and courses are nothing but scams that are looking for new victims.
If you really want to become a hacker, you need to go to the places
were they gather: a hacking facebook, a hacker's forum, free hacking
tutorials or even a mailing list. The information is out there. You
only need to go and find it.




Where Can You Get Material on Hacking and Information on Hacking

are two main sources. The first one is the Internet. You will have to
make a basic query in your favorite search engine with the word hacker
and start looking each one of the suggested sites. Most of them will
only offer you limited tutorials on how to hack (like the Hacker's
Black book or the Happy Hacker book, which are outdated). Other's will
give you an useful insight on this world. After some time, you will
find forums were people from around the world share their experiences.

not expect to enter an easy world. The jargon used by a group of
hackers can be quite confusing for any beginner. So don't feel that you
will never be part of it. Start with the basics and read "How to become
a hacker" from Eric S. Rymond. Although the document is five years old,
it will give you an introductory crash course on were do you need to

The second source is face to face reunions. Get into the internet and search for any hacker's
meeting in your vicinity. You will be surprised to find that they meet
quite regularly. Of course, do not expect to find a Matrix kind of
reunion. This is serious, professional people that pay their rent by
hacking. Drop by and make some questions on hacking tutorials.

What Is The Hackers Bible?

hacker's bible has two possible sources, depending on whom do you ask.
For some people, it is none other but the magazine 2600: The Hacker
Quarterly. This magazine was created by Emmanuel Goldstein, and it
focuses on aspects of different technologies. For example, it covers
telecommunication devices as well as computers.

The magazine
gives to its readers grey hacker's material. That means that it gives
them information on how to augment the capacities of any electronic
apparatus, such as a cell phone. This neutral posture is different to
white hacking (were a hacker uses his abilities for a good cause, like
detecting the vulnerabilities of a network) and black hacking (were a
hacker uses his knowledge for selfish purposes, like creating a hotmail
hacking guide).

other Hacker's Bible is the Jargon File. This document is a glossary of
hacker slang that has been collected since 1975, from the old days of
the Arpanet (the precursor of the Internet).

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